Gorro de bruja aganchillo

Free crochet patterns provide some great costume ideas. For Halloween, dress up your grandchild in this cute witch hat, complete with crochet hair.

crochet brooch with tutorial

crochet white flower brooch (cashmere, mohair, silk, angora) by meekssandygirl…

Lady Crochet: I Love Yarn Day Celebration Tutorial ❥Teresa Restegui http://www.pinterest.com/teretegui/❥

Lady Crochet: I Love Yarn Day Celebration Patron corazon grande y pequeño

Bride, unique crochet art doll soft toy spring red white green

And in the bride’s hair - in the flowers that she wears. Her dress is as white as snow and the roses in her hands are as red as passion. She is wearing cute white shoes with.