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Judo Fighter Destroys BJJ fighter in competition #judo #bjj #martialarts

JUDO Vs BJJ watch as a judo fighter destroys a BJJ fighter in no time at all. Now we all know a lot of these fights are do to each fighter.

Dragon Kung Fu fire breathing master

Now this is a new twist on Dragon Kung Fu Watch a fire breathing kung fu master in action. The movements of the Southern Dragon style of Shaolin Boxing are based on the mythical Chinese dragon. The Dragon style is … Continue reading →

Black Belts after only a few Lessions #blackbelts #martialarts

Black Belts after only a few Lessions

Jiu Jitsu Choke Hold Demo Gone to Far #jiujijsu #judo #martialarts

Jiu Jitsu is one deadly martial Art Just doing a demo can knock someone out in seconds. Now you can see why this is a must know sports watch video now .

Crazy Choke outs plus submissions in MMA #mma #chokeouts

BJ Penn - rear naked choke - one of my favorites :DDD and it looks like he only got 1 hook in too

Top Rated Street Fighters Go For The Knockout

Street Fighters Top Rated - But who rated these guys you might very well ask - Watch and let you rate each one on a scale of one to ten.

The Art of 9 limbs Burmese Boxing #boxing #burmese

Burmese Boxing Lethwei or Burmese bareknuckle boxing is a full contact combat sport from Myanmar that is simply amazing But is this sport for you

Amazing Martial Arts At Its Best #martialarts #thekick

Amazing Martial Arts was what Bruce Lee - Jackie Chan - Van Damme are famous But they have nothing on these guys Watch and be amazed top class kicks

Karate Shotokan Demo Showing speed power and timing #karate #shotokan

Karate Shotokan Demo By Tetsuhiko Asai Tetsuhiko Asai was a Japanese master of Shotokan karate He also was a former Director of the Japan Karate Association,.

The fastest Puncher you will ever see #punch #fast

Fastest Puncher at Punches at a speed like you never saw before. Meet the fastest puncher in the west. You Must watch To Belive.

Martial Art Board Breaking Womens Competition #martialart #breaking

Martial Art Board Breaking One of the main learning steps of most martial arts is breaking boards block or bricks.

Jiu Jitsu Girl Attacked From Behind #jiujitsu #attacked

Jiu Jitsu Girl Attacked - If you got the Training Than Keep Calm and let the training take over. Attacked from behind should not be problem for someone.

Jiu Jitsu Girl Takes Out Guy Showing the power of Jiu Jitsu

Jiu Jitsu Girl Takes Out Guy Showing the power of Jiu Jitsu