Creepie Stool Collection

Flatpack furniture driving you nuts? Us too. Nuts, bolts, allen keys screws and multiple instructions? We don't do any of the former. We love simple, elegant, fun and functional design, creating a satisfying solution that you are bound to fall in love with! Welcome to Whackpack Furniture!
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Whackpack Kids Creepie Stool

Whackpack Kids Creepie Stool

Whackpack Furniture

Benny Magennis is raising funds for Whackpack Furniture. Handmade by us, handcrafted by you! Flatpack furniture driving you nuts?We have a simple, elegant, satisfying solution you'll love! Welcome to Whackpack furniture!

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Made from solid ash timber, the Wooden Creepie Stool brings traditional joinery techniques to modern day apartment dwellers.

Whackpack Three Legged Stool

Assemble This Furniture By Beating The Shit Out Of It

Stools, Benches, Wade Saddles, Step Stools

Handmade three legged stools

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