Amaya Himura by YunaLoire

The last time I had a serious project was half a year ago, but today I finally finished one Amaya Himura (The OC) is one of the fanfiction characters in.

Yuna Loire Slytherin by YunaLoire

Yesterday I drew a new OC for my Harry Potter FF. She represents myself in this Fanfiction and she's obviously a Slytherin. Slytherin is my favourite Ho.

Lizzie by YunaLoire

Lizzie is an original character of my book project "Midnight Hollow".

Red Flower by YunaLoire

Red Flower by YunaLoire

Self-Portrait 2017 by YunaLoire

After two years I've decided to draw myself again for my DeviantID. The old drawing is a little bit outdated, so here is the new version Self-Portrait 2017

Sora Hyuuga by YunaLoire

Well, I couldn't upload it yesterday, but here it is!

Skyrim OC by YunaLoire

Skyrim OC by YunaLoire

Teiko again :) by YunaLoire

Today I edited a picture from Naruto again and it also became my OC Teiko ( Naruto Fanfiction). Teiko again :)

Aion Character Portrait by YunaLoire

A few days ago I tried to draw in a more realistic way and thought before I start with real portrait drawing I should draw some semi-realistic stuff.

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