ɛɱơɬıơŋąƖ, ơცʂɛʂʂɛɖ ῳıɬɧ 7 ɧơɬ ƙơཞɛąŋ ɱɛŋ ąŋɖ Ɩıƙɛʂ ℘ɛཞʄųɱɛ
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Me: is my average in my report card Devoted life to k-pop

And I'm guessing this heaven is in Korea?

And I'm guessing this heaven is in Korea?

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Dan would be saying all of this beet red and Phil would be heading to his room laughing and wondering why Dan is still trying to hide it.

Deus me livre. Vou estudar bastante pra continuar com as notas altas enquanto amo o BTS. Passando horas assistindo vídeos, vendo fotos. ..;-)

Grade 1 = mom look! I got a hundred percent in all of my exams! meh i dont care anyway.

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I love J-Hope and all, but he looked better with the 2013 hair, who agrees? Me: *somewhere in a crowd* I do!

Woahh this is so cool~!! ♡♥

I'm in love with that cover. I'm a huge Troye fan and a huge BTS fan and having those two things come together.

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