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Alexandria’s Genesis, also known as ”violet eyes” (a mutation). When someone is born with Alexandria’s Genesis, his eyes are blue or gray at birth.After six months, the eyes begin to change their original color to purple, and it lasts six months. Alexandria Genesis, Yennefer Of Vengerberg, Violet Eyes, In Vino Veritas, We Are The World, All Things Purple, Genetics, Beautiful Eyes, Blue Nails


kyoungy8o8: truthb3t0ld: Alexandria’s Genesis, also known as ”violet eyes” (a mutation). When someone is born with Alexandria’s Genesis, his eyes are blue or gray at birth.After six months, the eyes...

Weird photos and strange people from the past. Weird photos and strange people from the past. Photocollage, Arte Horror, Strange Photos, Bizarre Photos, Weird Old Photos, Creepy Photos, Animal Heads, Animal Masks, Weird And Wonderful


Love vintage and black and white photography,old Hollywood and silent film.Those viewing my blog must be 18yrs.All images are found on the internet none are my own.All images on my blog are of things I love...Greatgdean.

An African spurred tortoise (Geochelone sulcata) with two heads and five legs is displayed in Zilina, Slovakia. The seven-week-old two-headed tortoise has been given two names: Magda (left head) and Lenka (right head). Cute Turtles, Baby Turtles, Ninja Turtles, Rare Animals, Funny Animals, Odd Animals, Beautiful Creatures, Animals Beautiful, Beautiful Cats

siamese tortoise

Little creatures hold a special place in my heart. These Siamese twin tortoises are no exception. And since I know you are wondering - y...

Ever think you saw something that looks like your private parts in nature? It's not just your dirty mind-- it's possible! Check out these fruits and veggies that look like. other things.

Frisky Garden: Vegetables That Will Make You Blush

Maybe it’s that by this time of year the heat is getting to everyone’s heads. Or gardeners are fed up with constant toiling and want to cut loose a little bit. Whatever it is, it seems we all get the giggles when it comes to frisky finds in the garden:You have to use your imagination a bit on some of these and on others… not so much. Are we just immature or do others think naughty vegetable shapes are funny, too?Have any frisky finds from your garden? Share in the comments!

 Everest has around 200 dead bodies on the mountain. The “death zone” is feet. Recovering a dead body on Mount Everest is a near impossibility.

Dizu - Conectar e Ganhar

Aprenda a faturar com seu perfil nas redes sociais utilizando a Dizu para seguir, curtir e comentar perfis e postagens. Cadastre-se grátis e comece agora!

The Brimham Rocks of North Yorkshire, England. These balancing rock formations were created by gradual water and wind erosion. One of the most striking formations is Idol Rock, a massive 200 tonne boulder balanced on a small pyramidal stone. What A Wonderful World, Beautiful World, Beautiful Places, Beautiful Rocks, Amazing Places, Formations Rocheuses, Balanced Rock, Balanced Diet, North Yorkshire

Idol Rock - Brimham Rocks © Penny Mayes cc-by-sa/2.0

Covering an area of over 1 square kilometre on Brimham Moor in Nidderdale these millstone grit stacks have been eroded by glaciation, wind and rain to produce many fantastic shapes.

EWWW A woman who was once addicted to growing the nails on her hands has now grown her toenails to a staggering four inches

'They are 50 per cent of who I am': The woman addicted to growing her toenails - even though it is risking her health

Known as Ayanna, the 54-year-old is the latest quirky character to appear on TLC's My Strange Addiction on which she refuses to cut her curly claws.

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TYWKIWDBI ("Tai-Wiki-Widbee")

Something ran out from under a leaf. Tiny, like a springtail, but it didn't hop. Whenever I tried to pick it up with my skinny paintbrush, it raced backwards, as fast as it had been running forward. Under a magnifying glass, it waved big, angular pincers at me, like a crab would. I captured it, finally, in a drop of water, then photographed it with the camera and the microscope.To discover what it actually is, read the post at Wanderin' Weeta - an excellent nature blog.

Bad Tattoos Face Chest, looks like a shotgun filled with feces blast to the upper body. The tatooist can't be proud or still high on meth Stupid People, Crazy People, Strange People, Strange Things, Body Painting, Tattoos Gone Wrong, Creepy, Stupid Human, Bad Tattoos

Bad Tattoos: 8 More of the Ugliest Examples of Worst | Team Jimmy Joe

More of the Worst Bad Tattoos Here's a new slew of bad tattoos to tickle yer funny bone in the worst way! They just go to show that stupid is as stupid doe

Next Stop Walmart! - Funny Pictures at Walmart

Next Stop Walmart! - Funny Pictures at Walmart

This week I got a very interesting picture in the mail. It shows a two headed turtle. well baby turtle… but it’s got two heads! Cute Turtles, Baby Turtles, Ninga Turtles, Sea Turtles, Unusual Animals, Rare Animals, Strange Animals, Exotic Animals, Interesting Animals

Two Headed Animals - When Two Heads are Not Better than One

We say, or at least some people say, that two heads are better than one. The Japanese say "sannin yoreba monchuu no chie" which roughly translates to

Polydactyly is a condition in which extra digits are present. In the majority of cases the extra digit is unusable and removed at an early age. Polydactyly is relatively rare in humans, but incredibly common in cats, and it’s not unusual for them to have

Human Conditions: 10 Incredible Real Medical Oddities

It’s remarkable that human growth and development goes so smoothly, despite the numerous opportunities for errors. Here are 10 cases where things went wrong.