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Novel Writing Tips - Dialogue

This is the best advice on writing dialogue I've seen tbh. Also short and easy to understand!

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Sometimes a sychological weakness can hurt others. I am currently writing a story where one of the characters has a psychological weakness that has caused him to hurt others in the past. There's nothing wrong with him morally, which is why he isolated himself in order to keep from hurting anyone else. His want. His Need however, is friendship.

I don't think that was worthy of the bold repeat. I mean authors kill off characters for fun all the time << i don’t think it’s for fun though. they probably do it to escape a writer’s block. Writing Boards, Book Writing Tips, Writing Help, Writing Ideas, Essay Writing, Writing Promts, I Am A Writer, A Silent Voice, Story Prompts

I don't think that was worthy of the bold repeat.. I mean authors kill off characters for fun all the time

Attention: I'm not interested in the NSFW prompts, but they are good lol xD

I can just imagine the NSFW thing ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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N. Waheed - (smb: I shook as I wrote it, but then, when the shaking stopped, I…

What is there to like when learning a foreign language? Imagine that you are learning the Italian language right at your own living room. Considering the numerous simple methods of learning Italian today, would you rather sit in your Life Hacks For School, School Study Tips, School Tips, Language Study, Learn A New Language, Language Quotes, Learning Italian, Learning Spanish, Spanish Lessons

actually, i think the best way to learn a language is having a base for grammar (going to classes, doing exercises regularly on the internet), listening to songs for pronunciation and reading, but when you read, don't look up the words u don't know, try to guess the meaning with the context, u should only search words up when you're writing smth